Ducted Air Conditioning Chatswood

Service & Installations by the Industry Experts
Nu-Life Air Conditioning are the experts in ducted air conditioning Chatswood, providing educated advice and installations for both residential and commercial applications. We’ve been building our knowledge and reputation in the field since 1991 while partnering with some of the leading manufacturers to provide high-performing and sustainable climate control solutions.

Our strongest brand relationship to date is with Daikin, who are passionate about providing superior comfort. The team is renowned for the innovation behind their products, most of which are manufactured right here in Australia.

Post-installation, we maintain our relationship with customers by providing on-going service and customer support. Rather than the hit and run approach that some companies take, we hold ourselves fully accountable for our workmanship. Of course, our products are also backed by a warranty, so we’ll outline all the relevant information and provide maintenance advice to keep your system operating at its peak.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Our Ducted Air Conditioning Chatswood
One of our specialities is ducted air conditioning Chatswood. Ducted systems continue to prove their value by being the quietest, smoothest and most versatile type of unit on the market. They’re designed to handle extreme temperatures and can effectively deliver climate comfort across multiple spaces without burning out. You even can even control the temperature within specific zones to create a perfect environment for productivity or sleep.

The installation of ducted air conditioning Chatswood is slightly more expensive than wall-mounted systems due to the more sophisticated set-up. However, the result is worth it. They’re completely out of sight and can be custom designed to accommodate people in any number of rooms.

Nu-Life Air Conditioning has access to the best prices on the market, ensuring you get value for money. We take a more calculated approach, meaning your space is accurately measured and all options are outlined prior to purchase.

Getting your New System Installed by Nu-Life
Having Nu-Life install your new ducted air conditioning Chatswood makes your life easy! Not only are our air-conditioning technicians fully qualified, but the level of attention to detail that goes into every job is simply unrivalled.

We’re trusted by some of the most highly awarded builders in Sydney, with the ability to carry out large-scale installation projects across multi-residential and commercial dwellings. Our team is involved in absolutely every step of the process for complete quality assurance. Our expertise ranges from the design and performance consult, through to after-sales support.

We understand that there is no one-size-fits all approach with ducted air conditioning Chatswood. We’ll stick to your budget like glue while matching you with a compatible system that meets your specific criteria. Don’t let messy wiring or the noisy rumble of an outdated system disturb you any longer. Choose Nu-Life for your customised ducted system today!

Nu-Life will tailor a ducted air conditioning Chatswood solution that meets absolutely all your objectives. Contact us for advice on the best system for you! Call us on (02) 9699 6629 or (02) 9699 6135 to organise a consultation with one of our qualified professionals, or email info@nulifeair.com.au.