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Air Control Designed for Australian Homes Nu-Life’s professional team is dedicated to assisting all Australian families and businesses with controls that make the day-to-day easier. Our company brings the leading and trusted brands in air conditioning to Australian homes and businesses. We have partnered with names like Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, Hitachi, Fujitsu and Actron Air , to present our customers with the latest easy-to-use technology. Packed with the features that make their air conditioning installation more rewarding. Single-Unit Control & Zone Control Our specialists cater to both single-unit and zone control, to look after clients with a single mounted air conditioning unit or an all-comprehensive solution for a building. Which is why we offer a range of different controls -
  • Analogue Controls – the traditional wall mounted controls
  • Remote Control – portable controls for easy handheld operation
  • Smart Phone App – connect to your phone for operation anywhere - and never leave with your aircon going!
  • Touch Screen Control – smooth controls with high graphics and easy-to-touch interface
  • Automated Temperature Sensors – maintain the optimal temperature in your room with sensors that regulate and automate your indoors climate control
Zone control is really what makes ducted and VRV/VRF systems such a worthy investment for your property. Effectively, offering you the ability to control, monitor and automate your temperature settings for various locations in your building all in one control interface. We offer the best solutions to customers based on their air conditioning system, model, and lifestyle. We also take the extra step of always making sure that you understand just how to use them.
Our Services
Nu-Life Air Conditioning sells a range of air conditioning products
A Proper installation by a qualified technician is vital. By law, all installations of air conditioning systems must be carried out by a licensed technician.
Air Conditioning Maintenance
Just like a car, even the best air conditioning systems require a regular
Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning
Ducted air conditioning is the quietest, smoothest, most
VRV/VRF Systems
VRV or Variable Refrigerant Volume systems, also referred to as VRF or
Smart Features for Added Energy Efficiency Technology has adapted with the demands for better savings and lower environmental impact in air conditioning systems today. Which means that you can utilise air conditioning control operations that help you both enjoy the most comfort with your AC, while conserving energy. By managing your cooling, heating, airflow, and humidity needs effectively, you can implement settings that are expertly customised to keep you comfortable. It’s the smarter way to cut costs, without losing out on the value that your air conditioning brings. At Nu-Life Air Conditioning, we offer technological features for your controls to assist you when it comes to your personal or business goals to save.
  • Temperature Zone Control
  • All-in-One Monitoring Interface
  • Get alerts to help you manage your AC/HVAC use
  • Connect to smart assistants like Google Home
  • Synchronise to smartphones and tables through apps
  • Switch into energy conserving settings
Your ability to connect to a smart phone also gives you an effortless way to control and monitor temperatures wherever you are in the building, or even if you are away. For example, if you leave without shutting down your air conditioning’s operation, you can simply switch off on your phone. There’s no added trip to turn things off, for more time and less costs – and your peace of mind! If you’re lost as to where to start, our professional team at Nu-Life are also apt to assist. We’ll help you set up your settings to be suit your building, and help you understand everything.
Our Testimonials

Very reliable and excellent service.

Kenneth Ho

Very knowledgable in the space and an absolute pleasure to deal with!

Jordan Clarke

Nu-Life Air Conditioning installed a new air conditioner in my home. The installers were prompt, cleaned up after install and they provided me with a Warrenty Card for our new Air Conditioner. I have dealt with many Air Conditioning companies over many years and found Nu-Life very professional and would highly reccommend them.


Impressive work. Reliable and honest. Thank you to manager Eddie, supervisor Ali, receptionist Meirav and technicians Rynal and Shak for an easy process and AC installation. Highly recommended.

L Godfrey

Quoted and completed the install quickly, despite being a busy time of year. Polite, friendly, and professional, I'll certainly be using Nu-Life again in the future.

Mark Johnstone

We bought our apartment in 2003 and upgraded the ducted air conditioning with Nu-Life Air Conditioning in 2014. The workmanship was superb, very clean and efficient. Our strata is currently being refurbished including some changes to balcony framework (replacing metal with glass) which affected the AC unit by blocking air flow. We realised this just as the season was heating up. Although the technicians at Nu-Life AC were busy, Meirav worked hard to accommodate us. It was not an easy job, and we were anxious to get it fixed before the season heated up. Eddie, Edgar and another gentleman worked diligently over three separate days to restore the AC to full function. Edgar assured me the repair would be resolved by Friday, and he was true to his word. Our apartment was one of the coolest places to be during the ensuing hot days in Sydney, all thanks to Nu-Life Air Conditioning. I am impressed that after all these years they still maintain such a high standard of product delivery and service. The team is knowledgeable, professional, respectful, honest, and dedicated. Gold standard, and excellent value for money. We expected the work and time to cost a lot more than it did. I highly recommend this company. Thanks again Meirav and team. I wish you all a Happy Christmas and continued success in 2021 and beyond. CN.

C Ninvalle

The team from Nu Life were a pleasure to deal with from initial consultation to complete installation. My project manager Eddie is a most professional and friendly helpful consultant and staff. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for air conditioning! Excellent service and good pricing - well done! Thanks Eddie and Meirav! Vivian

vivian morrow

Eddie and co were very helpful in sourcing and replacing outdoor unit. Everyone was very knowledgeable and provided a list of options where required

Vlad Yershov

Was a tricky job and the guys were great. Worked through to get it sorted and cleaned up afterwards. Very friendly and great service.


Honest, prompt and responsive. As builders we have a short-time frame to get things done and Nu-life was a charm to deal with. Highly recommended

Office Casafabrica

The team were very responsive to my request and came out the same week. Site visit by Eddie was brilliant; he helped ease my concerns by answering my questions clearly as well as providing additional info to look for when sourcing a quote. Quote (supply & install) was received the next day. The admin team were very helpfuI for me to prepare my strata application. Once strata approval came through the NuLife team were very prompt booking a suitable date/time. Ali and his colleague (install team) then came to my home and were very professional, tidy and clear provding instructions to use the unit. The install team were very competent and confident in their work and would happily recommend their services to another.

Girl Boxer

Great service from the team. We encountered some difficulties with our building manager but the team helped us along the way till completion. Highly recommended.

Anderson Lam

despite this is the peak season (summer) for installation of the aircon, Meirav at Nu-Life gave me all the attention I need, tried to squeeze me in for quotation and then installation. The quotation was timely made and explained on site what needs to be done in a very professional manner. not to mention the air-con was professionally installed. their reliability and professionalism are highly regarded.

Trust God

Used Nu-Life to install a new HVAC system at an apartment. Was done on time and was a nice and tidy job (particularly with one bit of electrical wiring). Pleased with the outcome.

Duncan Macdonald

Great team, very professional! Eddie and the team were a delight to deal with. I highly recommend them.

Shawn James

Nu Life air conditioning installed my new air conditioner today. Wow... talk about the most professional organisation I have dealt with. Meirav organised the installation with her team. They are honest, reliable and genuine. I highly recommend Nu Life Airconditioning Gema

Stephanie Hall
Informative After Care How great is starting up and getting into the latest technology? Not when the instructions aren’t clear, and the controls are hard to use. At Nu-Life, we make sure that you don’t have this problem. Our specialists dedicate themselves to always helping you understand and become comfortable with your entire system. We want to ensure that you are really getting the most out of your air conditioning system and that’s why we really take the time to go over it with you; before the set-up, through it and afterwards. You can also reach out to us for assistance with your system, after the installation for more help with anything you are unsure of. Our specialists will help you get the most out of your HVAC system with the best controls for:
  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Air flow
  • Humidity
  • Automated Settings
  • Monitoring
We are always devoted to helping you. Reach out to our technicians on 02 9699 6629 or 02 9699 6135 to get the most help with the best controls, settings, or any other assistance. We provide the technologically advanced solutions that keep your indoor environment comfortable.
Whether you’re looking to install new air conditioning  or replace your current system, we have a high-quality and cost-effective solution for you. So, come visit us at Nu-Life Air for the finest air conditioning service in Sydney. Contact us today on (02) 96996629 for a free no-obligation quote!
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