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Corrosion-Resistant Air Conditioning in Bondi

Living on the coast of the city in waverley gives you the best of both the city and the beach. Letting you enjoy the waves and a short commute to work or the shops. However, it also means that there are two contenders when it comes to things that make your air conditioning less efficient: smog and salt water in the air. At Nu-Life Air Conditioning, we have the solutions that you need for a corrosion-resistant and energy-efficient air conditioning system. Established in 1991, our team has 30 years of experience in helping the people of waverley with air conditioning sales, installations, maintenance, and repairs. Our technicians are ready to look after your air conditioning needs too. When you are looking for long-lasting high-quality air conditioning solutions for your home, there’s no company that does it better than us!
Our Services
Nu-Life Air Conditioning sells a range of air conditioning products
Nu-Life Air Conditioning sells a range of air conditioning products
Air Conditioning Maintenance
Just like a car, even the best air conditioning systems require a regular
Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning
Ducted air conditioning is the quietest, smoothest, most
VRV/VRF Systems
VRV or Variable Refrigerant Volume systems, also referred to as VRF or
Supplying the Leading Brands in Air Conditioning
Our air conditioning company is dedicated to the quality of what we offer in waverley. That’s why we provide only the trusted leading brands in air conditioning for all the products we offer our clients. This means you can always rely on the performance, endurance, and energy-efficiency you pay for. We have partnered with Australia’s #1 air conditioning brand Daikin, as well as other brands such as Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, Gree, and Actron Air.
Air Conditioning Installers with a Difference
Our installers at Nu-Life Air Conditioning are fully trained, skilled, and experienced when it comes to handling your air conditioning installation. After servicing the needs for a range of different systems in waverley and surrounding suburbs, we have become adapt with designing air conditioning systems that acutely perform for our clients. You can rely on our installers to provide you installations for:
  • Ducted air conditioning systems
  • Split systems
  • Reverse cycle air conditioning systems
  • Multi-split air conditioning systems
  • VRV/VRF air conditioning systems
  • Unlike others that will take off and run, our installers won’t leave until the job is properly done and you are satisfied and informed about your new AC system.
    Anti-Corrosion Coatings for Coastal Conditions
    While the fresh breezes and beautiful views that beachside living is invaluable, the salt and moisture in the air isn’t exactly as beneficial to air conditioning systems. Like you probably already know for outdoor technology on the coast, saltwater causes galvanic corrosion which can be detrimental for any outside based equipment. Thankfully, as an experienced air conditioning supplier in waverley, our team has the answer for durable AC systems suited for coastal environments.
    Blygold Treatment
    Blygold coatings provide a remarkable long lasting and resilient corrosion protection for Round Tube Plate Fin heat exchangers. They finely seal off the heat exchanger from the environment, without affecting heat transfer and pressure drop. Blygold specialized elite products and unique application procedures, which makes Blygold the best choice to prevent air conditioning failure and unnecessary energy consumption due to corrosion. Different types of corrosion such as galvanic or pitting rapidly decrease the heat exchange efficiency of coils and the efficiency of the total HVAC equipment.
    After Care & Fast Repairs
    Haven’t scheduled an air conditioning maintenance service for a while? Has your air conditioning been doing something strange? You can call our specialists right now to get a prompt service to restore your AC to its prime performance. We are dedicated to providing you the best care, advice and solutions for your home air conditioning. If you require any assistance, feel free to contact us at your disposal!
    Whether you’re looking to install new air conditioning  or replace your current system, we have a high-quality and cost-effective solution for you. So, come visit us at Nu-Life Air for the finest air conditioning service in Sydney. Contact us today on (02) 96996629 for a free no-obligation quote!
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