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The Complete Package for a New AC
Air conditioning today is essential in any building. So, when it’s hot, you’re not. Nu-Life Air Conditioning is the air conditioning company that offers you the solutions for air conditioning systems that last. Our wide expertise covers ducted, split, multi-split and VRV/VRF systems as well as range of products and models from the trusted brands in air conditioning. Using this knowledge, our installers design and create air conditioning systems for our clients in Marrickville based on the requirements they have based on their property, circumstances, and lifestyle. As a family owned and operated company, we understand the value of having technology that doesn’t just offer the latest design features but offers a performance you can rely on. And just like our quality air conditioning products and systems, our installers also provide you the fast proficient care for your AC for both maintenance and repairs in Marrickville that you can count on.
Our Services
Nu-Life Air Conditioning sells a range of air conditioning products
Nu-Life Air Conditioning sells a range of air conditioning products
Air Conditioning Maintenance
Just like a car, even the best air conditioning systems require a regular
Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning
Ducted air conditioning is the quietest, smoothest, most
VRV/VRF Systems
VRV or Variable Refrigerant Volume systems, also referred to as VRF or
  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Fully trained, licensed and insured
  • Prompt and professional service
  • Daikin Specialist Dealer
  • Air Conditioning Sales
    We offer only the latest and most reliable models from the trusted leading brands on the market. Thereby, giving our clients the ability to attain air conditioning solutions from brand leaders like Daikin, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, Actron Air, and Gree.
    Air Conditioning Installations
    Our air conditioning installers complete every installation in Marrickville to the highest standards. As they have a wide spanning expertise and knowledge across a range of systems, they can custom create reverse cycle, ducted, split, multi-split and VRV/VRF systems based on your requirements. Every AC system installation our experts undertake starts with careful analysis, design, and planning.
    Air Conditioning Maintenance
    Once your air conditioning installation in Marrickville is complete, we will arrange an appointment to provide your AC maintenance. Maintaining your air conditioning regularly is essential in ensuring a clean and hygienic breathing space in your building. It is also vital for ensuring that the machine continues to work optimally, reduce downtime. We deliver all the above air conditioning services to commercial and residential properties throughout Bondi. To have one of our experts visit you today, give us a call.
    Air Conditioning Repairs
    Whenever your air conditioning system in Marrickville is doing something that it shouldn’t - like not turn on, leaking or letting off strange odours - then it’s time to act! Contact our air conditioning specialists and we will quickly make it to your location in Marrickville to get your AC up and working again in no time!
    AC Service That Takes Care of You
    We are dedicated to bringing you solutions and advice that benefits you too. Our technicians understand the comfort and sense of calm that even just good air conditioning has to offer. We take this even further with customised solutions in ducted and VRV air conditioning that can give you climate control for the entire building. No matter what your needs are, and your budget, our installers at Nu-Life Air Conditioning are after making you feel right at home in your own house or office. Which is why we offer a comprehensive service package that covers sales, installation and after care for your new air conditioning system. Our mission is to never leave you feeling lost with what to do next with your air conditioning set up. We work tirelessly, to always ensure that your AC service in Marrickville is hassle free.
    Nu-Life Air Conditioning – The Experts in AC
    Established in 1991, we have been serving the wider Sydney community for over 30 years helping many people across the area: homeowners, business owners and landlords get the most value out of their air conditioning solutions. In Australia’s turbulent weather conditions, climate control is important. It’s a vital part of any successful business, store, or showroom if you want to keep staff working well and customers coming in in any weather. In the home, it helps put everyone at ease. For an enjoyable time away from the grind, not dependent on what nature brings. Contact us today to get trusted air conditioning services in Marrickville!
    Whether you’re looking to install new air conditioning  or replace your current system, we have a high-quality and cost-effective solution for you. So, come visit us at Nu-Life Air for the finest air conditioning service in Sydney. Contact us today on (02) 96996629 for a free no-obligation quote!
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