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Hot and humid summers have made air conditioning a must-have for all Bondi homes and businesses. If you want the best cooling or Heating at the competitive costs, you can’t install just any air conditioning system. You need one that’s energy-efficient, durable, user-friendly, and capable of delivering maximum results whenever you need it. For reliable air conditioning, Bondi residents choose Nu-Life Air Conditioning. We’ve been keeping Bondi residents cool since 1991 by supplying, installing, and repairing air conditioning systems. Give us a call to discuss your air conditioning needs and receive excellent air conditioning services at your convenience.
Our Services
Nu-Life Air Conditioning sells a range of air conditioning products
Nu-Life Air Conditioning sells a range of air conditioning products
Air Conditioning Maintenance
Just like a car, even the best air conditioning systems require a regular
Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning
Ducted air conditioning is the quietest, smoothest, most
VRV/VRF Systems
VRV or Variable Refrigerant Volume systems, also referred to as VRF or
Quality Air Conditioning Services Near You
Right near the coast, choosing the right air conditioning is crucial in Bondi. Exposed to direct wind, sun and saltwater, your indoor climate can often be unpredictable. At Nu-Life Air Conditioning, we tailor our air conditioning services to meet your needs and ensure you get the best results at the lowest cost.
Some of our most popular services are:
We sell some of the latest energy-efficient air conditioning systems from leading brands, such as Daikin, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, Actron Air, and many others. As a Daikin specialist dealer our technicians are well versed in delivering Daikin ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems in Bondi. For anyone suffering from asthma or allergies, Daikin split system model have been specially endorsed by the Asthma Foundation as a sensitive choice. Furthermore, we offer competitive prices and 5 year product warranties. If you can’t decide which air conditioning system is right for you, our experts are happy to provide all the professional guidance you need.
Improper installation can shorten the lifespan of an AC and lead to frequent breakdowns. At Nu-Life Air Conditioning, our installation experts have years of experience installing various types of cooling systems on various types of properties. We quickly and efficiently get the job done on the first try so you can begin enjoying your new AC as soon as possible.
Even the best ACs eventually start to underperform. We can extend the lifespan and performance of your AC with scheduled maintenance services. By getting AC maintenance at least once a year, your AC will remain energy-efficient and is less likely to develop a sudden and expensive fault. These tasks often involve cleaning or replacing the filters and air conditioner coils. It may also mean repairing or replacing A/C coil fins, or unclogging condensate drains. We deliver all the above air conditioning services to commercial and residential properties throughout Bondi. To have one of our experts visit you today, give us a call.
Need Air Conditioning Repairs? We've Got You Covered
Having your AC suddenly quit on you in the middle of a hot day can be upsetting. But no worries, we can fix the problem quickly to restore the comfort of your home or business. With Nu-Life Air Conditioning, help is never too far away. Don’t hesitate to contact us for air conditioning repairs if your AC begins showing any of the following:
  • Insufficient air flow
  • Leaking water
  • Unusual noises
  • High humidity
  • Not turning on
Whether it’s a split system, ducted, VRV/VRF, or central air conditioner, we have the specialised skills and equipment to quickly diagnose and repair the fault. With almost 3 decades of experience, we are the experts in Air Conditioning in Bondi. People all over Sydney have found comfort and relief by trusting Nu-Life Air Conditioning to look after all their A/C servicing needs.
Air Con Repairs You Can Rely On
At Nu-Life Air Conditioning, we prioritise the comfort and satisfaction of our customers above all else. Our experts are always glad to give you guidance about different air conditioning brands and models. We are dedicated to repairing and extending the life of air conditioning, so Bondi residents can always enjoy crisp cool air. We are the preferred choice for air con repairs, installation, and other services because we offer:
  • Quality focused services and products
  • Quick turnaround
  • Fully licensed and polite professionals
  • Competitive and transparent rates
  • Focus on energy saving solutions
When your Air Conditioning in Bondi breaks down, Nu-Life Air Conditioning has the team to service, repair and maintain your machine for cooler air again. There is no one who does it better! For an obligation free quote and to schedule for services, call us today or use our online contact form.
Whether you’re looking to install new air conditioning  or replace your current system, we have a high-quality and cost-effective solution for you. So, come visit us at Nu-Life Air for the finest air conditioning service in Sydney. Contact us today on (02) 96996629 for a free no-obligation quote!
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