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Split system room air conditioners are made up of two separate units, one located internally and the other externally. The indoor and outdoor units are joined by two insulated copper pipes which circulate a refrigerant.

In cooling mode, warm air from the room is drawn into the indoor unit where the heat is absorbed and removed and the air is recirculated back into the room. During the heating mode the opposite occurs to keep your room cosy and warm. 

Split systems have a myriad of features to suit your needs. For full product information please see Daikin, Hitachi and Samsung split systems information.

Multi Split System

A multi split system allows several indoor units of different capacities and different styles to operate from a single outdoor unit. Indoor units can be floor mounted, wall mounted, cassette type or bulk head type units. Depending on customer requirements indoor units will be selected and then appropriately matched to a condenser unit, saving the client valuable outdoor space, preventing unattractive sight of multiple condenser units as well allowing for optimal energy use.

For more information on Multi Split system, please check out the Daikin, Hitachi and Samsung Multi Split system Catalogues.

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